Thoughts about Learning

Learning is a continuous process. I know that. You know that. We all know that. Yet due to busy-ness (work, household chores, spending time with family and friends etc. etc.), we set aside learning.

We think we know enough already after all those years of studying from grade school to college.Aside from the fact that if we continue studying in school, we will be spending money to which most of us cannot afford.

However, due to internet we can learn a lot of things for free. We just need to have the determination to learn. Most household now a days has internet connection. So why not maximize the availability of internet right there in the comfort of our homes? Plus, we can choose the time that is most convenient to us.

Now that I chose to stay at home so I can take care of my baby, I am determined to learn something new during my free time. I know I will be busy with my baby but I will make it a point to have time for learning. Not just for my own sake but for the sake of my baby.

I encourage everyone especially stay at home moms to continue learning for the sake of our children. We must update ourselves with the computer technology. So we can help them with their studies once they start going to school and even before they start going to school.

My husband inspires me a lot to learn new things. He always come home tired after work yet he still finds time to learn. He encourages me to learn something new thru the internet but I always find an excuse to do so.  That was before. Now that we are going to have a baby, I have an additional inspiration to learn and maximize my free time.

So my dear friends and readers, let’s continue to learn. Be inspired and motivated. Cheers!


Thank you!

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