Dear Baby Abby

Hello baby.

You made me worried a lot last week but after all the fervent prayers (thanks to mine and your dad’s family and friends whom I kept bugging to pray), regular early morning walk and the constant talking to you – the ultrasound shows that you are now in the correct position for normal delivery. “Hamdullah” the doctor said. Meaning thank God. Yes, thank God indeed.

Feeling relieved and at peace, I am joyfully waiting for your arrival. I wish I know exactly when but I don’t. No one knows, not even the doctor. Of course except God as He knows everything. Tentatively sometime this month but your daddy keeps on counting the days based on the ultrasound.We both wish though that you will be born on the 16th. I will tell you why when you read this.

Your daddy have a song for you to the tune of “River Lullaby” and it goes like this ” Abby, my baby…how are you today?…please be nice to mommy…don’t kick too hard…and when it’s time to come out..come out smoothly.” We always have a good laugh after he sings to you. Sometimes he sings incoherently but that’s okay right baby? It’s the effort that counts.

Anyways, in case you are wondering about the song “River Lullaby”. Here’s the video/song from youtube.

I, on the other hand sing to you the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. Well, I am not a good singer either but I am hoping you will be. Also, I don’t know the whole lyrics but I just keep on singing the first part of the song because you seem to relax (from kicking me) whenever I sing this song to you.

Our hospital bag is ready…just waiting for your signal. Don’t forget what daddy keeps on telling you okay? We love you Abby.


Thank you!

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