Can’t Wait

September is finally here.

Soon, I will see my angel.

Soon, I will hold and hug her.

Soon, I can talk to her face to face –

And read to her  daytime/bedtime stories,

Sing to her lullaby and nursery rhymes,

And play peek- a – boo to her.

Soon, I can hear her cries,

And sometimes hiccups,

And even fart.

Soon, she will keep me busy with the laundry,

changing her clothes and diapers,

and everything that needs to be taken care of.

Soon, I will have sleepless nights,

and busy days,

but it’s okay….

I’m prepared for it,

I can handle it (though I may cry at times),

I will tell myself, “this is part of life – mother’s life!”

Can’t wait to see you in my arms Abby…..your mommy.


4 thoughts on “Can’t Wait

  1. hey malou..also get ready 4 expressing or sharing ur feelings n happiness with us after u get abbi into ur handz…lolzz..don 4gt us..eagarly waiting 2 see abby ..=) wish u gud


  2. Wow! so nice it make me cry…. Soon i will meet my son also….. and soon it will be triple busier ever but I am very much prepared as I love my kids and they are the one that keeping me strong…Being a good mom is really a hard job…. Nice work Malou…


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