Enjoying the Sunrise…

Good morning Kuwait, Good morning world! Rise and shine. It’s another beautiful morning which brings new beginning, new opportunities and new hope into our lives. Choose to be happy at the start of the day and refuse to be sad no matter what comes up during the day.                                                 Look the sun is shining so start smiling…


I was a bit worried since Sunday until yesterday when my OB told me that baby Abby is in a transverse position. I wonder why and start thinking “what did I do wrong?”. I asked my OB what’s the cause (and praying at the same time, “please God don’t let him tell me that it’s my fault”) Thankfully, he said perhaps there is something wrong in the uterus but we will decide what to do on your next visit which is this coming Sunday.

I don’t want to think and start worrying. So yesterday, I kept myself busy with house chores. I kept doing something here and there. Yet, I have to stop every now and then to rest. Making sure that I don’t over exhaust myself and endanger my baby. When I’m resting, I am busy browsing the net on how to help my baby change her position. I’ve read that talking to her can help but it says that I need someone (my husband) to talk to her in the place where she should be lying. She will follow the voice, however it’s not sure if it’s effective. We tried anyway.There are other techniques to help the baby turn in the right position but of course it is always best to ask the advice of your own OB. My OB didn’t suggest anything but told me that my baby can still change her position so I decided to stop worrying about it.

However, I also decided to do some of the techniques that I’ve read but only those which I think is safe for me.Check out http://www.birthingnaturally.net/birth/challenges/transverse if you want to know more.

Early this morning, me and my hubby went to Fintas seaside to have a walk (one of the techniques suggested which I have been doing even before) and to enjoy watching the sunrise.

It’s 5:25 am, wind is cooler this time than during the day. The birds are also enjoying the sunrise and the good weather.

I can’t resist to take a photo of this man sitting out there alone. I think he is praying. He looked sad perhaps he is missing his family.Today is first day of Eid ul-Fitr (holiday after Ramadan) , it’s a holiday in this part of the world and it’s usually spent with the family. Perhaps like us (me and hubby), he is also an expat. Thank God, I can stay with my husband but of course we still miss our respective families.

                                                      I loved the tranquility…

As we are walking, I saw this sign and wonder what it meant…

This sign, I can understand and I’m sure you do too…

Time to go back but we still have to walk until we reached that car over there…It’s already 6:30 am and yet the parking area is still almost empty…

We decided to eat breakfast in the car before heading home…We bought these on our way to the park and we are supposed to be eating it in one of the bench out there but upon seeing the beautiful sunrise, my hubby decided to take a walk first.

Since I am pregnant, I opted to have an orange drink rather than coffee.

So that’s it. That’s how I spend my morning..Have a good day everyone!

“Enjoy your life each day because if you don’t, who will?” – Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Sunrise…

  1. It is the most beautiful time of the day isn’t it & so peaceful. So nice not to hear the loud roars of the cars, the beeps & the screeching of brakes.Birds singing,cooler air. A perfect start to the day, taking exercise & enjoying the tranquility at the same time.
    Moving & exercising in pregnancy is very good for you and the baby & will help in the delivery of her too. Keep it up. Good luck :o)


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