The Waiting

While waiting for my due date, I can’t help but feel bored sometimes. So I make sure that if I am not sleeping, I have to be doing something. Below is the list of the things that keep me busy:

1. Eating – yeah, why not? Of course, I watch what I eat. I try to eat healthy food only.

2. Cooking – I cook simple dishes only because I get tired easily and thankfully my husband is not choosy.

3. Blogging and reading others blogs.

4. Watching movies – lighthearted and happy ending stories. I don’t watch horror or suspense thriller movies.

5. Talking to my baby or reading something to her.

6. Doing some household chores – vacuuming, washing the laundry, ironing clothes, washing dishes etc. I don’t do all these chores in one day though. If I wash today, I’ll do the ironing the next day and always rest as I get tired.

7. Fixing, re-arranging the things of my baby (her clothes, toys etc.)

8. Reading about giving birth and caring for the newborn etc. at

I wanted so much to make my list at least 10 but I think that’s pretty much all that I do to keep myself busy. Do you have other suggestions? If you were once pregnant or is now pregnant, what keeps you busy? I would love to know.


6 thoughts on “The Waiting

  1. Read books! You will have no time to do that when the baby is born… I wish I had read so much more! Good luck – it’ll be over before you know it and you’ll have your beautiful baby in your arms! 🙂


    • I actually tried cross stitching but I am not good at it, i don’t know the technique…actually that’s not my feet (it’s my friends’) and I love her shoes too..we are waiting for someone at that time when I took the picture…thanks for your suggestion anyways…


Thank you!

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