Don’t Just Heat and Eat that….

If you are pregnant like me, cooking complicated recipe will tire you easily and will make you catch your breath every now and then (or is it just me?). So I told my hubby if it’s okay with him that I will just cook something quick and easy until I give birth to Abby which of course he quickly answered “yes, cook anything and don’t tire yourself”. Thank God, I have a very understanding hubby.

So guess what I cook that is so easy and quick? Fried egg? No. Boiled egg? No!..I cooked…Pre-cooked Shawarma!Not simply defrosting or frying it but I added some spices to make it taste fresher.

Ingredients :

Pre-cooked shawarma

                                                Garlic, Onion, 1 Green chili & 1 Tomato

                                                         Coriander leaves (chopped)

* a pinch of ground pepper

* a pinch of salt

How to cook:

1.) Defrost the shawarma in a microwave oven or fry in a pan with little olive oil. Set aside.

2.) Fry the garlic until a bit brown then put the onion and fry until translucent then the   green chili and then the tomato.Cook for few minutes.

3.) Put a pinch of ground pepper and a little salt (keep in mind that shawarma is pre-cooked and therefore has salt and has other spices already)

4.) Put the coriander leaves, mix well. Cook for 1 minute.

5.) Serve with hot plain rice or kaboos (Arabic bread).

Note : Shawarma can either be chicken or beef

Simple, quick and easy…Happy eating!


Thank you!

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