Why Worry?

Time flies. September is just around the corner and I must admit, I am a little worried… and nervous… and excited… and happy…then nervous again..and whoa! is it normal to feel this way? whew! what a roller coaster emotion.

As much as I read about pregnancy, labor and caring for my newborn plus all the advices from friends who have experienced the same (and of course plus the words of wisdom from both sides of our family), I still feel that my knowledge is inadequate. I want to know more, if only I could practice right? Practice? How can I think and say that?Oh Mama Mia.. But as they say, you’ll know what to do when you cross that bridge – what to do during labor/delivery and how to take care of your newborn. Well, what else can I do but to follow and trust my instinct, my motherly instinct and try to incorporate all that I have learned from all my resources.

What worries me a lot is being alone during the labor. I have heard that in the hospital where I am going to deliver, no one is allowed in the labor room as in NO ONE! (this is a rule in most hospitals here in Kuwait). I really want my husband to be there, I want him to hold my hand or stroke my back while I am in labor pains. Most probably, they will give me epidural but still I want my husband there. For me, my husband’s presence will give me comfort. Well, what can we do? Nothing, right? No, there is.I have to prepare myself.I must prepare myself to be mentally strong and physically healthy to deliver my precious baby.

Furthermore, I must remind myself that I won’t be alone. God will be there for me.I’m sure He will be there to hold my hand. I just have to believe and trust in Him. Psalm 56:3 says “When I am afraid, I will trust in you”. Why worry?


8 thoughts on “Why Worry?

  1. Lovely piece to read! Hey definitely opt for the epidural…you don’t feel a thing ( well i didn’t) so try not to worry!The best advise i can give is i got so “into” the pregnancy & loved every minute of it, that i hadn’t given much thought to what to do once my baby arrived believe it or not and that was a bit of a shock LOL. Also, the hospital i delivered at did not show me how to breast feed properly and believe you me there is an art to it!!! So make sure you have a nurse help you with that at the hospital and friends or relatives to turn to…that was a very big problem for me and a downfall of the expensive hospital i delivered at!!! Oh, one more thing……get as much of the sleep in as possible….once Abigail pops out it will all be a thing of the past. ENJOY the magical journey X


    • Thank you for reading and your advice, appreciate it!.. whew! I thought breastfeeding is just letting the baby do what she knew by instinct, but hearing from you based on your experience, I should ask someone’s help then (that’s why I was wondering why there are videos on how to breastfeed properly). Regarding the sleep, I wish to sleep and sleep and sleep but I can’t. Too excited perhaps?…. 🙂 Thank you for everything and all your support.


  2. Don’t worry much everything will be ok just be brave enough and practice with the push. When pushing don’t scream, it wont help you deliver the baby . It should be silent. when baby is coming all you have to do is think how much you love your baby and your hubby. imagine how great to be with the persons you loved and to be loved by them. Once you see her you will forget all the pain that you have been through. Happy delivery and God Bless! 🙂


  3. aww..!! malou, ur this letter made me emotional.. don woryy..!! evrythng wil b fine 🙂
    juz bliv in god…tc of ur self n abby =)


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