A Book for my Baby Abby

Hi babygirl! You know I am so happy that even while you are still in my tummy, you are already showing that you are gonna be a good girl. As you are getting bigger every day, your space in my tummy is becoming smaller and whenever you move, it hurts mommy a lot. Sometimes you even distort mommy’s tummy, it’s kinda cute and funny (and creepy as well :)) but as I was saying you are such a good girl, because when I tell you to relax you listen to mommy and really relax. There are times also that I feel like you are into slumber and it worries me so I usually ask you to move and then you move. I am so proud of you my little one.

The other day I went shopping to buy you some essential stuff and do you know what else I bought you? I bought you a poetry book. And here it is…

I already read some poems to you and so does daddy. We think you like it besides they say it’s good for you baby so we will do anything to make you a better and smarter person someday. Of course, we do read the Bible to you too. We want you to be a God fearing person as well.

We will buy you more books in the near future and I’m sure you will enjoy reading as much as we do.We love you babygirl. Stay happy and healthy.


Thank you!

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