My Dear Abby

Good morning babydoll, we are home alone again. Daddy has to go to work so we can have money to pay rent, buy food and to spend for other important things in our daily lives.Also, daddy must work to have some savings for your future education and your future needs. So don’t be upset if daddy is always out okay? Likewise when he is home, we should make him happy and relax. But don’t worry babydoll, daddy doesn’t mind working because he loves us.

Baby, do you know that we slept a lot yesterday? (or was it just mommy?) I felt so tired and sleepy. I think it’s because for the past few days, mommy keeps on going back & forth to the hospital to open file in preparation of your birth. So finally yesterday, mommy got an appointment sometime next week for our regular check up. Stay healthy baby, in a month or so we can see you and hug you and talk to you face to face. So meantime, hang in there and grow as you should be. I love you baby. Why? because…okay, here’s why…

I love you because…..

you are my baby,

you are my mini me,

you are like a seedling in my tummy,

you are a wonderful gift from above,

you are a part of Gods plan for daddy and me,

and you are like a shining star in our lives.

I love you because…

you inspire me to become a better person,

you make me smile,

you give me hope,

and you make me pray more.

I love you because…

you complete our family and

for that I am grateful to God

for giving you to me and daddy.

We will love you no matter what and don’t forget that!










See you soon baby…

8 thoughts on “My Dear Abby

  1. aww..!! such an heart touching and swweet lettr..!! 🙂 malou,as u say more abt abby, m mre xcited n curious to see her..!! newayz, let’s all wait 4 d day.. tc of ur health..u 2 abby =)


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