Beloved Baby

How are you my little angel? While mommy is busy with the laundry, you seem quiet but I know you are okay. We just saw the doctor yesterday and baby you are so cute. I saw your face & nose but other than that it’s blurred (It’s because I am not familiar in looking at the ultrasound unlike the doctor). Anyways, the doctor said you are doing fine. So far so good and let’s keep it that way shall we? Yeah? Good girl.

Today, we (you and I) watched a lot of Celtic Woman songs via you tube. They sing well baby. I pray that someday you can sing as good as them. We (daddy & I) like Chloe Agnew a lot and also Lisa Kelly. I’m sure you will like them too. I think even now you liked them already.





5 thoughts on “Beloved Baby

  1. when u sings. shes will hear you and recognized your voice. Always play music and she will definitely loved to hear it when she come out. believe me aaliyah love to sing and she is not waking up when i played the radio even in high volume. it seem like she knows the lyrics also


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