Personal Shoe Bag

Sewing is one of the things that get me through the day when I am bored at home.I usually play and sew something out of my hubby’s old shirts and pants. Instead of throwing his old clothes in the garbage, I recycled them into something useful.

I know it’s not a great creation but I’m happy about it anyways. At least now if ever I need to travel, I can pack my shoes in one of these instead of using plastic bags or cardboard box (which is bulky) – I think my luggage bag will appreciate it.Neat!


11 thoughts on “Personal Shoe Bag

  1. hhmmnnn.. well,congrats to your new hang out,atleast you have something to be busy with most of the time while waiting for your lil angel to come.we are just here anyway,i know me often times not available but still i care for you and your baby.take care of you both.God bless.mwahhh


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