My Lovely Abby

Hello baby! Sorry mommy is too busy today, I didn’t give you much attention until this afternoon. Mommy had a cooking lesson today from Shirley (an Indian lady). Oh baby, cooking Biryani is too complicated and requires so many ingredients. I got tired just watching her cook! Eating part is a lot easier though! Yup, we both enjoyed the eating part and as usual, we (mommy and you inside my belly) are the last ones at the table to finish.

You kicked me a lot today whether I’m standing up or sitting down. I guess you couldn’t sleep because mommy is always moving huh? But you know what I love about you baby? You respond whenever I talk to you. You love hearing mommy’s voice don’t you? My lovely girl.

Daddy and mommy can hardly wait to see you. When it’s time, come out smoothly will you? Sometimes mommy is nervous but I shouldn’t because we are in God’s hands.We love you baby. Mwah.


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