Dear Abigail

Hello baby girl! How are you today? Everyday you are growing in mommy’s tummy. Mommy had difficulty sleeping, I have to sleep lying on my side and not on my back (but I can turn from time to time) because this is good for both of us. I felt you moving in a weird way this morning like you are having a hiccup but I’ve read it’s normal so I shouldn’t worry.

Someday you might ask why we named you Abigail, well, I’ll tell you now. At first, mommy and daddy wants to name you with a name that starts with our initials which are M & R but then daddy’s friends suggested that your name should start with the first alphabet (so that you will always be the first in your class or something..:)). Daddy thinks it’s a good idea and so do I. It took us a while before we finally decided and agreed with the name Abigail which means “her Fathers’ joy” or “fountain of joy” and truly you are our source of joy. We are so excited to see you and hold you. Mommy will give another meaning to your name thru acronym:

A – adorable

B – beautiful

I – intelligent

G – God fearing

A – amazing

I – inspirational

L – lovable

Those mentioned above are just few of the qualities we want you to have.We love you baby. We pray that you will be healthy and strong… and smart… and beautiful and……so on and on..:)We’ll see you soon baby!

Hey baby, I saw this video on youtube and would like you to watch it. Happy watching!

8 thoughts on “Dear Abigail

  1. A proud Parents… having a baby got a big responsibility and sacrifices but the moment you saw him/her everything will be ok. Priceless 🙂 See you soon Abigail.


  2. hey malou…don wry !! the baby wil b fine by god’s grace =) i’m lso eagarly waiting to see ur baby,hold her,carry her,n so on …coz i luv kids n abi s special as she’z d daughter of my good 4nd n colleague..=D
    tc of ur self..


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