Indian Spices

I am not a good cook and usually I just cook whatever is available in our fridge. I am not very particular with the ingredients that are supposed to be in a dish as long as the main ingredient is available, I am okay with that and cook it in my style. When I was still working, I cook my own Filipino food and my hubby cooks his own Indian food. He doesn’t like my food (which I can understand) but I can eat his food as long as he cooks it with less spices. But lately since I quit my job, I decided to learn how to cook in his way and become interested in Indian spices.

The ff. are some of the spices available in our kitchen and for me to familiarized their names, I labeled them accordingly.


4 thoughts on “Indian Spices

  1. hey slowly as you cook different recipe’s with various spices u will love indian food… there is a lot to experiment with …. n trust me some recipe’s r unthinkable……….. good luck… have fun!!!!:)


    • I also love to learn how to cook Indian Recipe specially the chicken 65 and Biryani. But the thing is its really hard to remember all the spices and the process seem to be a little bit difficult. Someday, teach me how… Happy cooking 🙂


      • Sure Hazel but I haven’t tried cooking chicken 65 or biryani yet. I’ll let you know when I perfect my skills in cooking them lol! or better yet (thanks for the idea) I will also post the recipe as well as the outcome of my cooking 🙂


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